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Jay Day -And- The Day Home Team Launches Guaranteed Sale Program!

Real Estate Agent with Jay Day and The Day Home Team of Keller Williams Excellence

Jay Day and The Day Home Team www.DayHomeTeam.com have officially launched their Guaranteed Sale Program. Jay and his Listing Specialists will work with you to develop a strategic and aggressive marketing plan to get your home SOLD - GUARANTEED!

Many home owners mistakenly believe they will not be able to sell their home due to the "bad real estate market". But don't be discouraged. Homes are being bought and sold EVERY DAY. The Day Home Teams sells an average of ONE HOUSE PER DAY! We have a proven track record in Real Estate sales. Our experienced team of professionals will lead you through the process step by step.  So, if you have tried to sell your home for some time now and have not had any success, don't lose hope. If you have not even tried to put your house on the market because you don't believe it will sell, think again. If you need to get your house sold QUICK, trust Jay Day and The Day Home Team to get it done.  Call 866-702-9038 select OPTION 2 or visit www.DayHomeTeam.com to contact one of our Listing Specialists TODAY!

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