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Sorry for the Party Rocking

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You may remember a viral YouTube clip of Kevin Judd's home performing LMFAO's hit single Party Rock Anthem making it's rounds over the internet last year.  That's right, his house was performing.  Love the song or hate it, the video is pretty impressive.  The group even took notice, and filmed a commercial for Kia at Judd's home, and then asked Judd to work on lighting effects for one of their music videos.  If you haven't seen the video, enjoy four minutes and ten seconds of awesome:

That was last year.  Here's a clip of Kevin's latest Halloween light show:

It's gonna get cool, bro!  Any second now...

So what gives?  No Gangnam Style?  No Call Me MaybeWell, it turns out the HOA for Judd's Riverside, CA community passed some new rules this year, one of them being a ban on any "extreme" holiday displays.  And yeah, that might be pretty lame, but can you blame them?  How would you feel if every night, thousands of people came to watch the house next door sing (and dance?) for hours on end while loud music was blaring?

The story of Judd's Halloween show is a good example of the good and bad sides of living in a community with a Homeowner's Association.  At least we have the Internet, where we can re-live the nightmarish displays (take that as you will).  Judd's YouTube channel has even more performances dating back to 2008.  For my money, nothing tops 2010's Thriller.