So What's Brendan King And The Gang Up To These Days?

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Since the resignations at Point2 by Brendan King and several other folks, many have wondered what they are now doing. 

Well, we know they started a company called VendAsta.  The website doesn't really state very much on what they plan on doing, but Brendan mentions to "stay tuned" for more details on his blog.  So I know I'll keep checking back.

On Brendan's blog, is a short video of a hint or two of what they plan on doing.  They intend to help real estate professionals leverage existing social networks to connect with their customers long before they are ready to buy a home!

Stay tuned to Brendan's Blog and their new website for more details to come (hopefully soon)!!  I'm telling you, that you *need* to follow theses guys to see what they come up with.  They are a group of very intelligent people!!!

Thanks to Jay Thompson for the heads up on this one!!

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