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The Things Tenants Do ! Real Life Investor Experiences

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They say that a book allows you to gain the lessons from a lifetime of experiences for only the cost of that book. Generally one lesson learned pays for the cost of the book many times over. I am often asked to speak on Investing and for my advice regarding Rentals and potential investments. I am consulted not for my personal riches but rather for the knowledge and experience I have gained from managing the investments of many clients over the past few years. With the help of our amazing staff we manage hundreds of homes for both small and large investors. For a season this Blog will attempt to share the experiences we have gained and are gaining each day with you. By doing so in such a concentrated form you will benefit as if you had a lifetime of experience and lessons learned. We hope you enjoy the ride. 

Remember that these are live events that are playing out in real time , so the statements made and conclusions drawn are based only on the knowledge we have at the time of the posting and may change ( and often do ) as we learn more details about any given situation. Also there are two sides to every story and you will be getting only my perspective and even though I will try and be fair and present other viewpoints, only God sees all and knows the total truth in any matter. 

"He searches the hearts and minds of men..." 

One more thing is required before we start out , after doing some research on topics like libel and seeing years of what happens when things get personal between buyers and sellers , owners and tenants and just about every other type of business relationship, we will try our best it give you enough information to provide perspective but not enough to identify the particular tenants, investors or others involved. in the cases where the identity can be pieced together, we ask that you remember that we have all done or said things that are not a true representation of who we want to be.

Each of the events we relate will be accurate in concept if not in detail and will be based on our experience or the experiences of those in our sphere of influence , we will attempt to provide you with the pictures , video and the numbers behind the events as well, to expose you to the reality of being a Real Estate Investor in the Real World. 

Welcome to the show that is our life. 






Edward & Celia Maddox
The Celtic Connection Realty - Queen Creek, AZ

You are right, life is a big show with ever changing events.

Oct 27, 2012 01:49 AM