High End Homes Need Staging Too.

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This is great advice and imperative for selling most homes. It seems that many agents are understandably hesitant to suggest a home staging consultation for homes that are in the higher end of the market and have expensive, if outdated or taste specific,  furnishings.

These agents may have tried to explain the advantages of making the home more neutral or appealing to a wider market, but for fear of insulting their clients may not have gone far enough to drive the point home. Or the clients may refuse to follow the advice. They love their things and put alot of time and money decorating  their homes, so why shouldn't everyone feel the way they do. After all their friends and family have said that their places are beautiful.

As stagers we all know the answer so I won't belabor the point, but a home that is for sale must appeal to the largest possible target group. It is a product for sale and we need to give it a look that will move it off the market and into a buyer's hands.

Home staging professionals can gently explain the need for a change in decor and nudge even the most uneasy clients to see the benefit of letting go and opting for potentially money making changes in their homes.

First photo-Quaint, but taste specific.    Second photo- No comment.

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