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I need your help, what can we do as Realtor's and Loan Officer's to help people who call us and wanting to purchase a home but there credit is not great at this time to purchase.  I know we show them what they have to pay off and what they should do to acquire credit if they do not have any at all (I had five just yesterday). 

Is there a program that we can tell them about?  Do you keep in touch with these clients?  (I do, to make sure they are staying on track and give words of encouragement).  I feel uncomfortable by just saying your not approved pay off all your creditors and then call me back!  If we guide them now they will come back as our clients.  If you have a program that I should know about, website that I can tell them about brochure I can download for them, classes that they can take, please contact me and tell me about it.  I want to help clients and there dream to purchase a home come true.

Thank you for your help, I know our future client's will appreciate it.


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If you or anyone you know are in the market to purchase or sell real estate, contact me, I will be happy to assist.  Facing foreclosure and looking for help, contact me, we can talk in confidence, I may be able to help.  Don't let another day go buy with out weighing your options.


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Edy Garcia
Exit Realty - Jupiter, FL

As you know I am a Real Estate Agent in Palm Beach County Florida.  As our market has really changed, it has caused us Real Estate Agents , Mtg. Brokers and attorneys, to become real creative.  I don't know how different the market, or the lending process is from Georgia to Florida.  However we have something called a wrap around mtg.  And to my understanding the owner holds the current mortgage, the buyers obtains a mtg via the seller.  Basically the seller holds a reordered mtg that wraps around their current mtg, and it balloons in 2, 3, 5 years, what ever the terms are agreed upon (in writing & recorded).  At that time, the buyer would be responsible to refinance, but would have established mtg history that most banks will accept.  The seller gets their balloon payment, and the buyer has just refinanced the home completely in their name removing the previous owner.  They establish credit, mtg history and a home.  In our market, a lot of sellers and landlords are willing to do this, as it alleviates them from additional taxes and homeowner's insurance that they normally would have to pay, and they are guaranteed their buyers. 

 However, if the buyer defaults on the loan, the owner would have to start the foreclosure process!  All documents should be prepared by an attorney!

Hope this helps, somewhat!

Jan 25, 2008 02:42 AM
Tara Colquitt
Tara Colquitt, The Credit Woman, LLC - Philadelphia, PA
Credit Counselor
Hey Lorinda. I will definitely contact you. I speak directly with potential clients. Two-thirds of them do not need my product or it can't help them, but because I am a Consumer Credit Advocate, I let them know what they need to do at no charge. 
Mar 22, 2008 03:04 AM