Bella Vista Housing Market is Stablizing Quickly

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Because the housing market in Bella Vista, AR was never over valuated, we are not suffering to anywhere near the degree that most of the nation is.  Our housing prices have always been reasonable and a beautiful sight to the sore eyes of our many new residents and potential buyers coming from out of state - - especially those coming from CA, WA, WY, CO, IL and WI.  Somewhere between 85 and 90% of our residents are transplants from other states, most of which have elevated housing prices and property taxes compared to Bella Vista, AR.

Another reason for our stable market is that the majority of our residents are 50 years old and older and are not first time home buyers or buyers who deal in the subprime mortgage market or who have overextended with home equity loans.  Most people who come here downsize to a degree and many pay cash for their homes or take out smaller loans.

Long story short, real estate in Bella Vista, AR and for Benton Co. for that matter, is still, as always, a great investment.

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