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Utah Voters!!  Spend 10 minutes...save yourself an hour or more by voting early.   Go to Vote.Utah.Gov and then click on the "On My Ballot" tab, and then click "Sample Ballot" and then click the "click here to tell us a few details about you" link if the REGISTERED VOTER LOOKUP pop-up box does not automatically come up.  (Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.)  

Enter your name, birthday, house number and county in the registered voter lookup pop-up box and your polling place will be displayed.  
The neatest feature of this is the sample ballot.  To access, you must click on the tab labeled VOTER INFORMATION GUIDE.  Your sample ballot will appear.  Any highlighted names or amendments will give you access to more information, so if you're like me and some of the folks aren't familiar, then you can read up on them.  I especially liked reading the judges reviews.  There are also two amendments being voted on in our precinct and a complete explanation and an argument for and against are included.  I printed off the sample ballot and went through each item and marked who I would be voting for.  When I went to the polling place today, I had my notes with me and voting was a quick 2 minute process. 
The lines may be long on election day, so I recommend you take advantage of early voting, if possible.  Most early voting places are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. between now and November 2nd.  

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