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Why do a majority of the people who choose a Real Estate Career obtain greater success their first year while other struggle.  I heard that The National Association of REALTORS reported that 90% of newly licensed agents leave the business in their first year of their real estate sales career. As a coach to newly licensed agents that statistic, if it is correct, it’s unacceptable me. I believe since our industry is so focused on recruiting new talent we owe a higher level of success to our new hires aspiring to a real estate sales career.

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Often when newly licensed are hired to work at an agency they are sent to a company sponsored training program for two weeks off site then assigned to a mentor for a pre determined number of transaction, usually three then left to fend for themselves.  As Leaders we need to ask ourselves - how’s that working?

When speaking to agents just starting out in their real estate sales career its not working so the question is how do we achieve that? I have to acknowledge my company Keller Williams Realty as having the vision of offering a program aptly named productivity coaching for all newly licensed agent affiliate with KW. It replaced the outdated model of mentoring and has one individual who is responsible for working personally with new agents to build the proper foundation for a real estate career based on their goals and expectations.

In addition to helping our associates build the proper foundation for their business Keller Williams has a capped commission structure and an opportunity of newly licensed individual just starting their real estate career to maximize their earnings and earn 100% commissions in their first year.  Our goal as productivity coaches is to work with our agent up to that per determined cap level. As their coach we are there for our agents for the most important time in their real estate career, their first year- the most critical time.


Working as the productivity coach for the Brandywine Valley Market Center in West Chester PA I have the advantage of observing new agents at various skill levels, background and experience level.  Do I judge them as to who will make it or fail? - Of course not. I remember hearing that my first broker gave me two weeks and that was in 1981. I’m now a licensed broker, and former sales manager of  real offices for over fifteen years.

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As leaders let’s work at providing training, coaching, and income opportunity at a higher level so our valuable human resourceS don’t seek out a another company or coaching program other than our own to find guidance.

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