Massachusetts Real Estate License Classes For New England Patriot Fans

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Some time ago I wrote that at Annex Real Estate School, we were running classes for Boston Red Sox Fans. Because we are located in Quincy, Massachusetts, this would be a good time to invite New England Patriot fans to take a Massachusetts Real Estate License Class.

The Patriots got to where they are by getting good training and by practicing at their game. If you want to be good at real estate, the same is true!

At Annex Real Estate School we run pre-licensing classes to prepare for the Massachusetts state examination. The classes are taught by experienced real estate brokers who are also approved by the state to be real estate instructors. The classes are taught in the environment of an active real estate office. Not only do the students get a good education in preparation for the exam, but also benefit from the real knowlege and background of the instructors.

Another difference at Annex Real Estate School is the classroom text material. At Annex Real Estate, two professional textbooks, published by Dearborn Publishing, are used in the lessons. These texbooks represent the most up to date material.Two textbooks are used. The first book, Modern Real Estate Practice, is used to study for the General portion of the examination. The other book, Massachusetts Real Estate:Practice and Law, is the study material for the Massachusetts state section of the examination.

If you know of anyone who is interested in getting their license, have them call the school at 617-773-ALSO (2576) or email the register at AnnexRealEstateSchool. You can also have them check out the website of the SCHOOL .
On the "ABOUT page, there is a brief explanation of the licensing process. Just like the New England Patriots, you can be a winner. Learn the rules of the game, practice, and win!

Added January 30, 2008
The school has just announced a Massachusetts Real Estate Brokers License Class. This class is scheduled for the second week in February. There isn't an application form yet, but you can call direct to 617-773-2576 or email to the school REGISTRAR
This class has already started to fill up!

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