Mastiff Rescue?

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I thought this would be just as good a place to check as all the others I'm trying or have tried - As many of you saw in my previous posting about my dog - I have a Mastiff - Hogan.  We had a mastiff in the past - Duke - who lived to be almost 12 years old and weighed at his peak a little over 200 pounds.

My husband and I are now considering adopting a Rescue Mastiff or perhaps starting a Rescue service here in central Pennsylvania - does anyone out there in the Active Rain community who are dog lovers know anything about it?  I've been to the web sites for MCOA and FORM (Mastiff Club of America and Friends of Rescued Mastiffs) and read all about them.  I've even filled out applications and forms to volunteer.  Unfortunately, I haven't yet heard anything from either of these sites.

These dogs are loveable and adorable - while very large and can be somewhat slobbery (as my 4 year old niece says it), they are loyal creatures who just want to be loved and unless trained to be so, do not have a single mean or vicious bone in their body.  I laugh at watching Hogan when someone walks past the house with a dog of their own.  He barks this very deep sounding ferocious bark while running back the opposite direction but looking in the direction of the "trespassers".

Unfortunately, there are people around the country that either mistreat, outright abuse, or just can't take care of these big guys and either have them taken away by a local authority or need to find them a new home.  If any of you know of someone in this predicament - please pass along my name and contact information.  My husband and I will be happy to help where we can.

Look at this face - don't you just want to give him a big hug!!!  :-)

Hogan face

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Joel Bennett
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc. - Columbia, MD
The Joel Bennett Group
What a face! NIce Picture.  Good luck with your rescue.
Jan 23, 2008 07:06 AM
"The Lovely Wife" (Broker Bryantnulls Wife) The One And Only TLW.
President-Tutas Towne Realty, Inc. - Kissimmee, FL

Hi Melissa...

The only experience I have had with a Mastiff is when I took my K-9 to the Doggy Salon. I dropped my K-9 (Brutus Tutas) off and when I went in to pick him up the Doggy Care Taker told me there was something I would want to see. She said Brutus was scared. Naturally I said "What? Brutus fears nothing". This is the part where the Care Taker looked at me with a big grin and said "Wanna bet"? She then led me out back to where Brutus was. There in the cage next to Brutus was the biggest dog I have ever seen in my life. It was a 230 lb Mastiff! Until that moment I had no idea a dog could get that big. And...Yah. Brutus was cowering in his cage. The Mastiff didn't like Brutus 'pretending' to be the King of Dogs :) 

I wish you lots of luck pulling this project together. It might not be a bad idea to get the Mastiff a couple of bibs. It may help with all the slobber. Maybe the bib will catch some of it before it hits the T.V. screen :)  


Jan 25, 2008 05:13 AM
Chris Fisher
Your Virtual Assistant - Concord, CA

You're going to need quite a lot of space for a rescue of these gentle giants.  What a sweet face yours has!  I wish you the best of luck.  Helping others is ALWAYS a good thing.

Jan 25, 2008 07:14 AM
Jennifer Esposito
JenRan Realty, LLC - Woodstock, CT

The big problems I see with many rescue groups (cats, dogs, livestock etc) is they are so strict about who adopts them they make it nearly impossible for anyone to adopt.  They'd rather have the animals at overcrowded foster homes than live 'normally.'  For example: No children under age 10, MUST have a fenced in yard at least 6' high, someone must be available to let the dog out every 3 hours, dog cannot live outside....  These were actual guidelines for a GSD rescue I found on the Internet.  It is no wonder why people go to breeders.  Then even before the dog gets adopted someone has to go to your house and evaluate the situation and give final approval. 

That said, I will keep my eyes open for a Mastiff who needs a home. 

Jan 25, 2008 08:43 AM
Chris Fisher
Your Virtual Assistant - Concord, CA

Jennifer - I agree that is a huge problem.  Although I also agree no dog deserves to have to live outside.  Some of the rules & people who run the organizations are ridiculous & think they know everything.  However, even with that being said, I'd never go to a breeder.  We have too many already in the world.  Personally, I prefer to go to the county shelter and choose a well tempered mix breed.


Jan 25, 2008 09:21 AM
Melissa Corman Sieg
Corman Home Sales & Property Management - State College, PA

Joel & Teresa - Thanks for the good luck wishes!

TLW....ROAR - You don't say what kind of dog Brutus is but with a name like that I'm assuming he is a big guy himself.  If people and/or dogs really knew the Mastiff breed and temperament they would know there is nothing to fear.  Mastiffs are known as the "gentle giant" for good reason!  What a great story about your Brutus however!  :-)  Thanks for sharing.  I love to hear other dog stories that entertain!

Jan 25, 2008 11:48 AM
Melissa Corman Sieg
Corman Home Sales & Property Management - State College, PA

Jennifer - Thanks for the message.  That's what I'm afraid of when I was filling out the application it had all kinds of questions like ages of those live in the house, what is your yard like - is it fenced, if yes, describe it; what kind of hours do you work; etc.

I have the breeder whom we purchased our current Mastiff from keeping an eye out as well.  Perhaps we'll end up not with an official "rescue" dog but one found from my friends here at AR or others like this breeder.

Chris - Thanks for your comments as well.  I would never own a dog who lives outside - I could never understand the purpose of having a dog if he is constantly penned up outside!  Mastiffs, while large, are a loving dog that needs and desires human contact, love and cuddling!  They would hate being outside away from people! 

While we are contemplating getting a puppy from a breeder, we thought it would be more beneficial for the breed if we took in a rescue dog or two that are in need of a home.  I still hope that will occur!

Jan 25, 2008 11:59 AM

I am actually looking to adopt a mastiff or great dane.   I love large animals and the personality of these two breeds are terrific.  Loving, gentle and loyal to their people.  Just what I am looking for in a new pet.  Does any one out there know where I can go for a rescue?  I want an adult animal.  I am not interested in puppy training and prefer to give an adult a home (puppies are easier to find homes for).

I have rescued 3 adult cats and found them to be the most wonderful companions!  I may not have them as long as I would a kitten but I would not trade even one day I spent with them.  I would like to do the same for a LARGE lovable dog...

Any ideas?

Feb 28, 2008 04:35 AM
Melissa Corman Sieg
Corman Home Sales & Property Management - State College, PA

Cris - I would just tell you to keep your eyes open in your local media and on the internet.  If you "google" mastiff rescue or just plain masitff, you can sift through web sites which offer adult dogs for sale or rescue.  Unfortunately, I have still not had luck in finding one in my area, there are lots out there.

I wish you luck!  Keep me posted on if you find one.....

Feb 28, 2008 05:09 AM
Melissa Corman Sieg
Corman Home Sales & Property Management - State College, PA

Cris - I may have a lead on someone in Pennsylvania who has two female mastiffs for which she needs to find homes.  She has to sell her house and move to California to take care of a sick relative and cannot take the dogs.  The down side is the dogs are 9 and 10 years old.  I know nothing else about them at this point in time.  Let me know if you have an interest and I'll be happy to inquire further.  If you feel these dogs are too old for you to take in, I will totally understand.



Mar 02, 2008 08:41 AM
Gayle Balaban
The Best Spot Realty/Waterfront Real Estate/Ooltewah Real E - Chattanooga, TN
E. TN Waterfront Real Estate
I am amazed that you haven't found a place to help.  Call a breeder of some accomplishment and they may know of the national breed club or a local club.  To start, I would go to and find a dog show near you and then go and talk to the Mastiff breeders.
Mar 02, 2008 03:09 PM
Gayle Balaban
The Best Spot Realty/Waterfront Real Estate/Ooltewah Real E - Chattanooga, TN
E. TN Waterfront Real Estate
OK I looked it up for you.  Go to website of the national club.  They have a rescue page and they are in Va.  That is definitely where I'd start.
Mar 02, 2008 03:12 PM
Melissa Corman Sieg
Corman Home Sales & Property Management - State College, PA

Gayle - Thanks for the two messages.  Since I first wrote this blog I found that web site you referred.  It is very imformative and educational.  I like the blog/post area for the sharing of information.

Just over the week-end I was finally contacted by someone from FORM - Friends of Rescue Mastiffs for an interview to get officially "approved" to foster and/or adopt mastiffs in need of rescue.

It figures that just went I thought it would never happen and I was ready to "move on" - that's when I get the call!  Anyway, I keep this blog updated to let everyone know what progress is made!


Mar 03, 2008 02:03 AM
Melissa Corman Sieg
Corman Home Sales & Property Management - State College, PA

Cris - Last time I bother you - I promise - if you are serious about adopting an adult mastiff then I would go to the following web site -  It is the home of the group called Friends of Rescued Mastiffs.  There is an application to fill out plus it gives you information on how adoptions are conducted, cost involved, etc.

Another web site to check out is  This is a great place to go for information.  Look under the Pups for Sale section - they aren't always puppies.......

Anyway, good luck - if you have any interest in the two females I told you about before, let me know as soon as you can.

Mar 03, 2008 03:06 AM
Susan Peters
Dove Realty Inc. - Seattle, WA
The Better it Looks the Better it Sells

Hi Melissa,

I got both of my dogs from Seattle Pure Breed Rescue. They do a wonderful job and the reps for each breed are like you. Very knowledgeable and passionate when it comes to their rescues. They do check out the potential adoptive parents but that is to be expected. They want a good match and the dogs deserve it. Good luck and bless you.

May 30, 2009 05:52 PM
Mary Jean Cunningham

I have a relative who is looking for a good home for her mastiff. Brutus is around 2 yrs. old. I think he is a blue not really sure. They really don't have a lot of time for him. I allready have 3 dogs or I would take him. I told my friend I would check into a rescue. I will await to hear from you. thanks  mary

Aug 31, 2009 02:10 PM
Melissa Sieg

Hi Susan - Sorry I didn't reply to your messgae sooner.  While I try to make time each week to go to Active Rain and see what's up, I don't always get a chance.  This summer has been busy!  Thanks again for the referral of Karen & Ron!  I'll keep in touch!

Mary Jean -  I will be happy to talk to your friend to find out more about him before I can commit to taking him.  1) where do they live now?  2) is he healthy?  3) has he been neutered?   4) what kind of mastiff is he - english, bull, neopolitian, american, etc.?  5) would they share his veterinary records with me - or at least give me the name and contact info for their vet?  and other things like that.  

If I cannot take him, I can give your friend the contact information for a woman involved in mastiff rescue from the Pittsburgh area.  Perhaps she can help.  Since I posted the last message on this board, we have become a grandparents twice over.  With than happening my husband and I decided to take a step back from taking in a full grown mastiff of which we do not know what kind of training or background he has for the safety of the little ones.   Therefore, I hope you and your friend understand when I say that I need to proceed with caution.  Please feel free to give my email and other contact information to your friend/relative and have her contact me.

Thanks and good luck!


Sep 01, 2009 02:30 AM