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Is it picking up???

Real Estate Sales Representative with Prudential First Properties

Well it is Mid to end of January and some might say this winter has been kind of un eventful..were the weather is concerned that maybe true for some but people who are north of me are not saying that.. Fulton and Oswego had a 3 feet snow fall over the weekend of Jan 20, 2008.. but for us people who live East of that are loving it.. with that we did not get the snow like they did... But...and yes there is a but.. we are getting record cold days and wind-chills,... ok what dose that mean for selling homes are things picking up?? well I have to say YES.. I have been out showing homes, my company sold over 20 homes this weekend.. and my two listings are getting lots of action.. so yea this weather dose help.. and it also helps that things in "Central New York" market are not as gloom and doom as others... interest rates are very well. (call your local mortgage company for up to-date info) and people are buying homes..

Yes inventory is still large but.. look at the bright side. no more bidding wars, todays buyer can really have a choice and feel comfortable in knowing if they go see 5 more homes in the same area that they first one will most likly will still be there when they decide to look again. This may sound had for sellers ... how ever if the home is priced well which most homes are it will sell.

So there you have it .. yes it is picking up.. and with that.. go see my pick of the week... which is a wonderful Ranch home in Fayetteville. close to everything.open floor plan wonderful fireplace finished lower level with lots of room. super large yard deck with a screened cover.. really nice home.. call me for details..

Have a great day..

Todd Clark - Retired
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon

Way to keep the positive attitude and that will be the difference!

Feb 01, 2008 05:32 PM