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Refinance in 2008 before new President ushers in new economic Policy

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Well, of course you have heard the new, rates are dropping, and will agian next week by the FED to curve the anxiousness of the market. So, is the the time to refi? good Question. As a consultant, I would recommend sitting down  or calling a mortgage professional, like myself, or your financial planner, to discuss your options.

There are several examples of why to refinance now:

1. Have an arm Adjusting in the next few years.

2. Have an Interest only loan and you have lost value, such as in Florida and other states.

3. College for your children coming soon, need cash for tuition

4. Need to consolidate a 1st and 2nd mtg ( high Rate)

Many other situation may point to YES, refinance now, but don't rush into anything. Rates should come down a bit more in a few weeks and you could then have taken the time to consult with professionals  you know and tryst who have your best interests and goals in mind.

Please, do not rush to teaser rates on the internet. It is a mine field of unexperienced agents who only want to take your money. BEWARE! If it sound too good, it IS!!

By this time next year, we will have a new President and a new economic policy that noone can predeict what that will entail and what effects we will see in the mortgage market.

Call your consultant today!! ( i can lend in all 50 states)

RE Agents - Which of your clients could benefit from refinancing and bettering their buying power with you? Want to partner? Call me and I will consult with them .They will appreciate you thinking of them. I have an awesome refinance letter that is ringing my phones!