Success in North Carolina Real Estate Auction

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Much of our sucess comes from the very direct method of selling that Rowell Auctions, Inc. incorporates into each contract. From the very begining of the sale at an auction, the buyers are informed of the buyer's premium that is included in the contract. There are no looming questions waiting to be evaded by the auction coordinators, rather we know that by being straight foward and as open as possible about our sales technique is the best way to acquire honest bussiness and sucessful sales. Buyers Premium is the percentage added on to the final accepted bid. It is usually around a 10% premium.Whatever the final bid is, add on an extra 10% the buyer will pay as the final price.

The buyer's premium under Rowell Auctions, Inc. is used to pay commission and pay any participating brokers and realtors that have reffered or stayed in place on that individual real estate bid. Through the premium, the buyer does not have to break down seperate portions to each individual, rather just a one time 10% and Rowell Auctions, Inc. handles the rest.

Buyer's premium was sucessfully administered just recently at our North Carolina Land Auction from last week. The buyer and the seller were satisfied with the final bid and the auction event was another great sucess for the House Auction Company and Rowell Auctions, Inc. To see more information on our recently sold lots in North Carolina please visit, http//

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