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Super OrganizedIf you want your Glenview home to be super organized, there are some special tricks you need to know. And don't forget, getting organized is only half the battle. It's a lot like losing weight--sometimes it's easier to lose the weight than to keep it off. Same thing with being organized--it's probably easier to get organized than it is to stay organized.

1. A Home for Everything--Everything must have its own storage area, and when it's not in use, it should be in its storage spot. This will go a long way towards STAYING organized. For the stuff you use in the kitchen, store it in the kitchen, unless you only use it once a year like your turkey roaster. Same with bedroom stuff or living room stuff. Store them in the room where they'll be used.

2. Consider Before Buying--If you're the type to go shopping for a loaf of bread and end up with a bread machine, maybe you need to be a bit more considerate. By that, I mean take some time to consider what it is you're thinking about buying. Ask yourself these questions before you buy: Will I use this item? How often? Can I afford it? Where will I store it?

3. Consider Before Accepting Free Stuff--Why would anyone turn down something free? Well, if you'll never use it and you have nowhere to store it, why are you taking it? Leave it for someone else with more storage space or who will actually use the item instead.

4. Buy Multifunctional Furniture--Everyone's into multi-tasking these days and your furniture should be no exception! If the furniture you're considering buying can do double-duty, it's probably saving more space in your home than it's taking up, so go for it.

5. Don't Store Everyday Items Too Far Out of Sight--Things you'll use every day, such as car keys, your cell phone, TV remotes, or your favorite coffee mug, should be within easy reach, although you still may want to keep them organized in a basket or pretty dish.

6. A Perfect Hiding Place--Take a look at some of your home's doors--bathroom doors, pantry doors, closet doors--the backs of any or all of them may be a great place for a hanging organizer which could hold shoes, bathroom supplies, or packages of gravy. You might even want to try to find a shower curtain with pockets that could hold shampoos and such.

For a perfectly organized Glenview home, try our tips. For buying or selling a Glenview home, give The Marla Schneider Team a call today at 847-657-3790 or contact us online. We are real estate experts in the Glenview, Wilmette, Northbrook, and North Shore areas.




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Wayne Johnson
Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper REALTORS® - San Antonio, TX
San Antonio REALTOR, San Antonio Homes For Sale

Marla-Every point you have is spot on. I wish I was disciplined enough to implement your rules.

Nov 03, 2012 10:19 AM
Marla Schneider
The Marla Schneider Team - Glenview, IL
Move with Marla

I never said it would be easy...

Nov 04, 2012 08:44 AM
Katherine Rasch
LoKation Real Estate - Melbourne, FL
I don't think outside the box; I build a new one!

Nice refresher in home organization! Thanks!

Dec 15, 2012 04:57 AM