Greg Geller "The King Of Flips"

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Gen X-Broker Greg Geller Is The "The King Of Flips"

BrokerIPTV : Today we are talking with Greg Geller, Managing Broker for Vision Real Estate. Greg thanks for being with us. You have a fascinating story about how you came up in real estate business, tells about it?

Greg Geller: Already almost 10 years ago now I started doing some fix up on my own. I got my real-estate license when I was working with my father in tracking business. I got my license and started selling places to the public and that was about when it started I have been involved in over 1,500 fix ups, flips, in the last 10 years and that is short of my story.

BrokerIPTV : Very successful, couple of nuggets on how you did?

Greg Geller: Found a niche, found an area that I understood and decided to go sell house to the public knowing that I fix a house, because I'd done some fix ups, flips, of my own. I knew what areas were in need of remodel homes in Denver metro, metropolitan area and I knew that I could sell the properties for my clients out there had been repaid to remodel.

BrokerIPTV : You are now involved in 1,500 transactions with out in time in sacrifice?

Greg Geller: I have sacrificed a great deal to do that many transactions over my career. Doesn't really sacrifice, if you really enjoy what you are doing, I really do about real estate, it is been a part of my life, every waking moment for the past 13 years right out the college basically.

BrokerIPTV : I think the fun thing about you is you like little encyclopedia, I mean I could give you street in a corner and you can probably tell me all homes on street?

Greg Geller: Unfortunately I know about every block in Denver, if it is good block, if it is a bad block, what kind of homes on the block, if it is the block of tutors, bungalows or Denver squares, I also know a little history about the neighborhoods and Redlands used to be and where the prime used to be, where is not any more and where is zoning change might be taking place, I do know a lot about Denver. I know lot about the Denver coming as it concern real-estate.

BrokerIPTV : In along the way the education process, you got a electric go with heating education and planning and...

Greg Geller: Absolutely.

BrokerIPTV : You can go into your house now and tell me what your exploits and what type of planning menu?

Greg Geller: I can and I also when I look at each houses I can look at them about three minutes from top to bottom and tell you viewing from my head, how much of money would cost to fix it, what it needs, how much galvanized fund is still there, if any, if they need a [inaudible] replacement, if the roof is good what kind of composition the roof is, is a fit has any structural defects or anything like that.

BrokerIPTV : So nice. Secrets that other real estate agents do not know?

Greg Geller: Secrets real-estate agents do not know, I think work with people that you know, they trust you and like you is a primary goal in real estate. Too often I think agents are out there trying to farm with their public who really don't know them, they don't trust them, they don't like them, be extremely aggressive, you have to go out there shake a lot of hands, put a lot of business cards in peoples hands and you will become an expert in something, let's be an expert on the condominium development or neighborhood or fix up or income property and you have to be able to be knowledgeable. This market is tough one. You have to set yourself aside from the competition.

BrokerIPTV : Final question just side now, I thought it was interesting your professional poker player?

Greg Geller: I would not call myself a professional, I try to play on the road as often as I can, semipro, I try to play in the world series every year and about 12 to 15 smaller events annually, but comes out to be once a month and I play a little bit here in town were I can find game, but yes I do play poker and no I have not been on television yet.

BrokerIPTV : How about biggest purse?

Greg Geller: Biggest purse, I won this year 2007 in February I basically split a tournament with another gentleman in February, California for 100,000 dollars.

BrokerIPTV : Fascinate stories, thanks for being with us.

Greg Geller: Thank you very much.

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