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Are you looking to make a commercial corporate relocation? Are you interested in keeping the cost down and work flow interruption at a minimum? Well search no further because you have come to the right place. EZ Bins plastic moving boxes rental service helps make packing and moving a convenient and fast experience and minimizes the impact moving has on your bottom line. We drop-off and pick up the plastic moving boxes and other moving supplies at a time convenient for you; The boxes come readily assembled and are ready to be packed right away. No more time wasting building cardboard boxes. We provide labels, zip ties to seal the bins once they are finished being packed and file bars for the boxes Free!

EZ Bins are sturdier than cardboard boxes, they provide greater protection for your employees' documents and items. AS mentioned above, to secure important content, the lids can be locked with zip-ties which we provide free. The moving companies we work with love EZ Bins moving boxes because they are all one size, stack perfectly one on top of the other and do not slide off one another. All of these features helps minimize the moving hours and cost. After you have done moving and unpacking the EZ Bins moving boxes can be stored nested one inside the other and stored in neat stacks until we pick them up, which will not take up a lot of space in your new commercial location.


How do you know how many EZ Bins you will need for your move? Don’t sweat it!

Before you order your supplies one of the EZ Bins moving specialists will come to your office to evaluate precisely what you need to complete your move successfully.


For more information or to rent your plastic moving containers visit the Ezbins Rental Website.


 Commercial Moving Boxes New York, A New Green Rental Bin Solution

Reusable Green Moving Bins Available in New York Brooklyn, Upper East Side, Upper West Side

 Rent Eco friendly plastic bins


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