23 Days into my New Year's Resolutions

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Along with multitudes of Americans, and, for that matter, people all over the world, I've made some great New Year's Resolutions.  They say (whoever "they" are) to make sure you follow through on a Resolution one should let as many people as possible know what you've resolved to do.  So I've decided to include my Active Rain Community.

Ok, here it goes. 

Realtor Goals: 

1.I resolve to plan each day the night before.  Write my plans down, and be ready to check each item off as I complete it.

2. I resolve to get up early every morning and be at my desk working by 9:00.......I tried earlier but found I just can't fight the fact I'm a night person and would rather start work later and work on into the evening than to get up earlier.  No getting up at 5:00 A.M. for me.

3. I resolve to follow plans that are in place, not get distracted, and not make excuses.  If I realize I've failed at any point, I will treat each day as a new opportunity to start over......even at day 364.

4. I resolve to remain optimistic about the market and my abilities to turn it into a success (with all the negatives out there, this should be quite a challenge).

Personal Goals:

1. Exercise more and get into shape.  I did join a club and now I work out 2 to 3 times a week.  Not great but more than before.  My goal is not to just lose weight, although losing 6 or 7 pounds wouldn't hurt.  I want to improve my energy and my general health.

2. Eat less meat and more vegetables and fruits.  Drink more water. 

 Ok not great goals, but ones I can live with.  So far I am working out.  I generally eat ok, but junk food from the holidays is still on my mind.  I need to get away from sweets. As for work, I moved my office away from my house and back into my company's office building.  I try to go in each day and find I've been much more productive.  Now I just have to work on keeping lounge potatoes from visiting my office while I'm trying to work......

Hmmm,  a great subject for another blog.

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Dan Beutter
First Mutual Mortgage - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hi Vera,

It has been 6 months.  How are you dong on those resolutions?

May 30, 2008 10:27 AM