What to expect when a Realtor is showing your Murphy NC home

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Waiting for your home to be shownWhat to expect when a Realtor is showing your Murphy NC home. When you receive the call from us for a showing, keep in mind that the agent is showing lots of homes and can be spread out all over Cherokee County, NC and just over the GA state line too.

It is sometimes difficult to set precise times for showings so please try to be flexible. Allowing for a window of an hour or so for arrival is a good rule of thumb. Sometimes buyers will take a little longer at some homes and others they may not take more than five minutes. Please don't be upset with the Realtor and their Clients if they are a little early or running a little late - you don't want that to be their impression of your home, and it will be.

If you are going to be at home, sometimes we can call you when they are about 20 minutes away, but keep in mind that cell service in our beautiful mountains can be a little spotty in some areas. You might even receive a last minute call, with the potential buyers already in your driveway. If you are prepared for a showing, invite them to come in. If you are not ready, let the Realtor know that you need some more time to prepare.

We were just out showing a home in a subdivision that the client picked out to see that was vacant, but when we pulled up the grass was so high they decided not to even get out and look at it. As we drove just down the road they saw another home for sale and wanted to see it instead. We knocked on the door and spoke with the seller who was at home, explained the situation and asked if it would be alright to show his home. He graciously allowed us to show it and they loved it.  And you know what, he was thankful those potential buyers saw it too!
Working together to make sure your home is shown as much as possible is our main goal in getting it sold!

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Joni Bailey
101 Main St. Realty - Huntsville, TX
Your Huntsville / Lake Livingston Area REALTOR®

Was it a for sale by owner home? Our MLS requires us to follow the showing instructions that are given on MLS. If it says you must make an appointment, you can be fined for just walking up and knocking on the door. YIKES. 

Nov 07, 2012 01:14 AM
Lee & Carol Barbour, REALTORS
Murphy and Hayesville, NC; Hiawassee, Blairsville, Blue Ridge GA - Murphy, NC
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Good point Joni. Actually, it was on the MLS and I called the Realtor who said to just knock and see if they were home (car was in the garage) and of course I explained to them that I had talked to their Realtor.

Nov 07, 2012 04:35 AM