Wisdom is a Badge That’s Earned

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Wisdom is a Badge That’s Earned

“Wisdom doesn’t automatically come with old age.

Nothing does-except wrinkles. It’s true some wines

improve with age. But only if the grapes were good

 in the first place.”

Abigail Van Buren (Miss Abby) Advice Columnist


As I see it . . . . . . .

Wisdom is a badge that’s earned


Wisdom is not a matter of age . . . . Wisdom is earned at the school of hard knocks and when you speak to a person with wisdom you’ll find that they have earned a master’s degree in hard knocks.


Wisdom is a work in progress and it an accumulation of a life time of life experiences and hard knocks.


There is a big difference between wisdom and a life experience . . . .


For some a life experience occurs and they consider it an unwanted condition and there’s no learning experience.


Wisdom is having the same conditions happen and understanding what has taken place. When it’s a positive condition they will use it as a springboard to greater opportunity.


If it’s a negative condition they will assess what has happened.  They will use their good judgment to successfully get through the condition and understand what happened so not to repeat the same condition in the future.


Wisdom is a badge that’s earned . . . . And many times the price is high to the lesson . . . . but lessons become invaluable.


©2012 Lou Ludwig, Sales and Management Consultant, Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author


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