Why are BPO companies still using outdated systems?

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This is a question that is asked of us several times a day from agents and brokers all over the US. I guess you can ask yourself why would you use the same car everyday to go to work? It would be the same analogy and the answer is almost always the same, "I have put a lot of money into this one" or "Why change?". Many valuation companies have spent money on a system over the past 6-10 years and are holding out until the most optimal system comes along or they are forced to rebuild the current system. 

Until Realty Pilot was available in the market place there hasn't been a valuation platform that could either link to an existing valuation company through an application program interface (API) or provide a viable solution right out of the gate with resources already in place. Many companies work on a proprietary system but that creates scores of work for the agent/broker (users). The user may sometimes work on 10 or even 20 different platforms a day, and valuation companies ask why does it take an agent so long to react? Imagine if all BPOs from every different valuation company could be centralized into one platform.

This process of having so many disparate systems is one of the bottle necks in our current industry. This is actually a plague that is affecting many other industries too. The solution was starring us in the face six years ago when we started Realty Pilot. Create a centralized resource system that can either connect to all systems so that we can read and write to these disparate systems or provide a turnkey platform that can easily be implemented and eliminate the IT issues most valuation companies run into overtime. Let's face it software has a life span just like anything else. That is why we upgrade our computers every two years and it is the same for software. I know some valuation companies that have been on the same system for 10+ years. You have to stay in line with the changes in the market especially related to technology.

A perfect example is the mobility of the valuation platforms. How many mobile apps do you know that can allow you to complete or work with a BPO? Absolutely ZERO until now with Realty Pilot's 'Real Estate Inspector'. Why? It is very simple, supply and demand. Why spend a lot of money perfecting a mobile application when you give an agent three days to complete a valuation and there are 100 other agents willing to complete it if you don't. There really wasn't a good reason to make one but when multiple clients in the industry are linked to a centralized resource center then there is every reason why a mobile application is needed, competition of valuation companies that want to be better, faster and cheaper.


Realty Pilot provides a broad suite of automated solutions and platforms to the real estate market, including integrated nationwide MLS data, free offer management solutions and connecting disparate systems to eliminate duplicate entry. 

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