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Eric says it all in a commanding way about Google + .... He gives us fine examples of some of the Google + Gurus like Bill Gassett .... Take it slow and follow Eric's commandments in order. Better yet, take the class, watch the recording in Active Rain University..

Original content by Eric Proulx

Last week, I got to join Bob Stewart for an ActiveRain University class on Google+. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t so sure what the reaction would be since I’ve spoken about Google+ before and I’ve only gotten lukewarm responses.


Clearly the ActiveRain community is in a league of their own and I’m not just saying that because most of you are G+ savvy, but I’ll admit, it has a little bit to do with it.

I promise, I’m not going to be one of those die hard Google+ fanboys who just raves about Google+ all the time. However, given the exciting last few days where I’ve had the privilege of engaging with dozens of ActiveRainers, I’m back in my cult attire, and ready to spread the good word of Google+.

I’ve stressed this point before, but I’ll clarify it one more time: take Google+ as slowly as you like. The last thing I want to do is stress out agents about having to participate in yet ANOTHER social network. You guys are busy working your butts off so I’ll understand if Google+ isn’t appealing at the moment. I’m huge on starting off by being a watcher / listener and just seeing what Google+ has to offer in terms of content and conversation (refer to webinar on how to do this).

However, if you’ve done that and are ready to move to the next level then read on. I’ve put together this very easy cheat sheet to quickly join the conversation and I can guarantee that by following these steps, you’ll have at least five folks to talk to on a superior conversation platform.

Thou Shall Create a Google+ Profile: This seems a bit obvious but I thought it’d be great to start from the beginning. Hopefully you’ve signed up via a gmail account or some work account that has Google apps on it (ie Adwords, Drive, etc). I know ActiveRain talked about Google authorship and the importance of having a G+ account once upon a time so hopefully this is an easy one to check off your list.

Thou Shall Not Half Ass Thine Profile: I don’t expect you to have to fill out every little thing but a profile picture and basic about information will prove to fellow plusers that you’re not just some spammer.

Thou Shall Engage: I’m not going to about the importance of engaging and just skip to the good parts. Here is a list of just a FEW ActiveRainers who are huge fans of Google+ and I guarantee they will talk back if you initiate conversation. Go to their Google+ pages, start commenting on their posts and get active. The best part? All of them are ActiveRainers so you have that in common to talk about.

1. Bill Gassett: Bill is the Stephen Hawking of Google+. Each of his posts provide great insight about the effects of Google+, how to succeed on the Plus, and he's a pretty fun guy to talk with!

2. Carra Riley: You really can't go anywhere on Google+ within the real estate sphere and not see Carra posting. She is definitely your go to gal about hashtags or hangouts and how Google+ does them right.

3. Melissa Marro: One of the best conversation threads I've been a part of on Google+ was started by Melissa. Through the conversation she had, an excellent post on the etiquette of Google+ was born.

4. Debbie Gartner: I was familiar with Debbie, even before I learned she was a rainer, and my friend count has increased noticeably since I've interacted with her. We're working on a #FF for Google+ so stay tuned on that =).

5. Janis Borgueta: Janis was the first to write a post about what she learned in my Google+ class and I was touched by her kind words. She's a treat to talk with on Google+ and is very responsive to my posts.

6. Maureen Bray: It might be because I enjoy the flattery but Maureen is another recently added Pluser who I enjoy communicating with immensely. 

7. Carol Barbour: If you're looking for examples of posting content correctly on Google+, check to see how Carol posts her links and the additional text she adds.

8. Rich Cederberg: I can 100% guarantee you can start a conversation up with Rich about anything =)

9. Fred Carver: Fred has been an enthusiastic follower of mine since the webinar and has a great attitude about what I post and comments I post on his wall.

10. Virginia Hepp: A fairly new pluser to me, but one who isn't afraid to get out there and connect with a stranger. I enjoy getting comments from her.

11. Anita Clark: Anita is a late entry for me and I CLEARLY need to do my research better. Anita knows her Google+ and she knows real estate. A powerful example of a profile with high engagement about her passions. I'm going to look forward to interacting with her and learning more about her.

Thou Shall Share: Again, hopefully you saw my presentation but sharing is caring and conversation is a two way street. None of those people will be able to go back to your page and interact with you if you have nothing posted. You have to do more than just copy and paste links to your ActiveRain blog posts. Share your ActiveRain stuff, but add some text in your update as well!

Thou Shall Follow Eric: I know, this is a pretty conceited one, but think of me as the guy dressed in the banana costume handing out fliers. I share with all of the ActiveRain community tips on Google+ and suggestions for people to follow. In no way will I claim to know the most about Google+, but I can be used as a place to meet new people and learn a thing here and there. I also post pictures of pandas and if that doesn't convince you then I don't know what will. Here's my profile


Still Not Sure?

However, if you're still skeptical, here are some of the best ActiveRain blog posts about Google+ I've read recently. See what your peers are saying about it.

If you Are Not On Google+ You Should Be - Bill Gassett

Google+ Trendy? Or a Must on YOUR “to do” List? What I learned in Class - Janis Borgueta

Google+ is a Ghost Town? Nah-ah! - Rich Cederberg

Activerain Agents Hanging Out For Veterans - Carra Riley

Do I +1, Share, or Comment. Does it make a difference where I do it? - Melissa Marro

Not Using Google+? - Why Your Real Estate Competition Will Crush You - Bill Gassett


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