Best School District Near Louisville Confirmed! It's Anchorage Public!

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Top School in Louisville Kentucky | Anchorage School

Anchorage Independant School District

Ranked Number One in Kentucky


As many of us here in Anchorage Ky expected, the Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress — K-PREP test results confirmed Anchorage Independant School District as the number one school district in Kentucky. Historically tops in the state of Kentucky, Anchorage School has been supplying Louisville with some of the brightest students in the land. Most people looking to buy a home in Anchorage KY, or who have recently purchased a home in Anchorage, are probably most interested in the performance of the school.  Thats' what brought me and my family to Anchorage 15 years ago.

Located less than twenty minutes from the center of Louisville, Anchorage is home to many local executives and an easy commute for local doctors based out of the Louisville area and Sounthern Indiana hospitals. It is almost too convenient for anyone working at the Norton Brownsboro Hospital, Baptist Eastpoint Hospital, or Jewish Hospital Northeast, five to ten minutes to those facilities.

Anchorage Public School Crest

Many people move into the district so they can send their children to the school, which starts students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. For more information about the school, you can call me, Pam Ruckriegel, at 502-435-5524 and I can connect you  with the superintendent, Don Cravens, or principal, Keith Waford.  I have lots of insights about raising your children in the community as all three of mine graduated from Anchorage School.

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