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When we first approach a new Pismo Beach real estate transition -- selling a home, buying one, or doing both at the same time – we naturally concentrate on the most challenging aspects first. That could be selling into a competitive market, or finding the right new home in the right area.

That’s why most people don’t give much thought to some of the accompanying matters until moving day arrives. One of them is purely emotional: saying goodbye to the old house. Yes, your old house is “just” an object – a thing …but let’s admit it: homes are very special things.

As any parent wiPismo Beach Homell tell you, children grow fast -- and the speed at which those little people we love so much grow up is astonishing. They are gone in a moment, and even though we love our teens every bit as much, we will always miss the tiny ones they used to be. Add in the less-than-rational attachment we feel for the places in which memories occur, and it’s understandable why the moment we move from the old house can be more affecting than we expect.

People have cooked up some resourceful strategies to make this part of moving day less stressful. A few of them: 

Celebrate the Memories

Why not throw a farewell party? Friends, neighbors and family have been part of an era – one associated with the house. Instead of just having a housewarming party at the new place, consider sending out invitations to a special get-together to laugh and remember all the good times everyone shares.

Preserve the History

As you are packing for the move, put aside some of the mementos, snapshots, and bits and pieces that have collected in drawers throughout the years. If you take the extra moments to gather them in one box, once you are settled in at the new house you can organize them all in a scrapbook. Chances are you will be surprised at how pleasantly memory-jogging (and meaningful) those ‘throwaway’ scraps become in the future. 

Make a Portrait

A portrait of your home is a unique way to keep it with you -- no matter where your real estate progress leads. Why not have it immortalized in a portrait created by one of our talented Pismo Beach artists? Years from now, it will be a conversation starter that keeps tales from the old place vibrant and alive.

Serving as your Pismo Beach real estate resource entails more than listing, searching, marketing and negotiating – although those are important, too! I hope you will think of me when you are looking for an agent who will help you through all the stages of your next Pismo Beach real estate endeavor.

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