Lead Generation Success

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Successful Lead Generation is solely dependent upon the sales representative who works the lead. If you do not have a solid follow up and/or contact management system you are doing yourself and all marketing dollars a severe injustice. In doing sales training this morning for a small group of reps ranging in experience from 2 months to 25 years it amazes me how proper follow up systems are often overlooked and how the most experienced sales rep can easily fall into a state of complacency, not due to the lead but due to their inability to commit to a follow up system.

I truly find that most of the unsuccessful sales representatives or the ones complaining about business or the lack there of is due highly to their inability or unwillingness to properly follow up with a lead. Reality has to truly kick you in the a** sooner or later to show that not all leads are going to "Pay Out" today. They must be put into a CRM and/or a consistent follow up system for successful conversion.

Truth be told....Leads are everywhere! Thanks to the power of the internet and various other technologies, the ability to gain access to individuals that have an interest in the product or service you offer is easier than ever. Calling a lead only 1 time and emailing the lead only2 times does not equate to a strong plan for success.

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