Is the Property Right for You?

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Looking for a place to live is an intensely personal and hugely important process. Few decisions you make in your life will ever have this kind of impact on how you go about living your day to day, or on your financial future or even your relationships. If you're unhappy in your home this can be a hugely distressing and upsetting feeling and it's one that you must do everything you can to avoid.

Likewise when you come to choosing a design for your home, this similarly has a big impact on the way we live our lives and on the environment we spend most of our time in - so again it's very important to get it right.

Knowing the right property for you though can be difficult when you are so close to the matter and it's hard to be objective. Here then we'll look at a checklist of considerations to help you decide if you're looking at your future home or not...

Is it the Right Size?

One important consideration when getting any property is the size. In fact the very reason that many people move home will either be to move somewhere larger or somewhere smaller, so in this case you need to ensure that you don't make all the effort in vein. While being too small is obviously a problem because it can leave you cramped and having to get rid of your things, too big is no good either as it will feel lonely and create a lot more work for you every day. Note as well though that space is actually more important in many ways that just size.

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Does it Have Any of Your Dream Features?

All of us have at some point imagined what our perfect home would be like, and many of us will have had ideas that we came up with in our childhood regarding rooms we wanted or what it might look like from outside. While it's not absolutely crucial then, having one of these features is a great selling point for any property and one that is likely to ensure your home makes you happy - be that a balcony or a summer house. Note of course that as long as the facility is there for your dream feature, you can always have them added later yourself.

Does it Feel Homely?

Sometimes we will look around someone else's home and be jealous and think it looks super cool, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we want to live there. While you want a property to look shiny and well designed, you also need to prioritize the way it makes you feel and that means moving somewhere that feels like home and where you are able to instantly relax.

Does it Have Space for Your Life?

When you move into a property you don't move on your own, rather you bring years' worth of things you've amassed over the years. Some of these things will be a crucial element of who you are, and that means this needs to become their home too. If there isn't somewhere you can do your workout/drawing, then is this a home you can be happy in?

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Sandy Williams
eXp Realty, - Sarasota, FL

I always tell my clients to buy a little larger than they think they will need, esp if they can afford.  Don't worry about what someone else's home looks like, true design can take some time.

Nov 09, 2012 05:22 AM