"Lose 'em at the door, not on the floor!"

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I just commented on another post and ended with the above quote, a favorite old restaurant saying that I learned as a stressed young hostess juggling waiting lists of angry, hungry would-be diners waiting (too long) for their tables.

I can't cite my source because it was 20 years ago and I can't remember who I first heard say it, but it certainly helps make a point.  

The quote's genius is that it rings true for many business ventures--better to lose someone's business very early on in the relationship because they don't like what you have to say, rather than later after you have already done a lot of unappreciated work for them with no reward.

I'll bet lots of agents around the nation have done unappreciated and unrewarded listing work, and blamed themselves for not finding buyers for their sellers.  AND many sellers who have blamed their Realtors for the same, when both together never put a proper price on the property. 

FAIR MARKET VALUE IS DICTATED BY BUYERS, PERIOD.  It's what a buyer will pay and what a lender will lend, and it fluctuates.   Deal with it constructively: 

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