What I Love About Real Estate

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WOW! That is a tough question. The diversity and challenge.

Real estate is NOT an A to Z type of career. The road is very windy and filled with bumps and curves. But how one handles these challenges will determine how successful the individual will be.

I have been in middle management all of my life and found that I have had to dig into my bag of skill sets every day of my career. In the nine years that I have been in real estate I used skill sets ranging from admin to business owner.

I would say the thing I love about real estate the most is the challenge. Every day there is a new challenge. The biggest challenge is to realize that we as real estate professionals are survivors. We have seen good times and not so good times. The way in which we manage these times measures our tenacity. Failure is not an option. We survive by living by three of the most important virtues – patience , persistence and perseverance.

We must establish goals and objectives that are not only attainable but are measureable. The path(s) we take to meet these goals are sometimes very bumpy and wicked. But if we are persistent and patient WE will persevere.

We have to remember these goals and objectives are “living” items and can be changed/modified to meet our needs. We control our own destiny and these goals and objectives are our road map to success, both personally and in our careers.

In our personal lives and careers we are dealt many challenges and how we handle these challenges makes us stronger people. Sometimes I sit back and say “Why me?” The good Lord puts us through these tests (challenges) not only to see if we have the patience to deal with them, but, also how we will persevere.

I have found these three virtues are the most important skill sets in my bag. With patience and persistence I am able to help families by providing them the information they need to make sound decisions, in the purchase or sale of their homes in Horry County SC. Purchasing or selling real estate is a journey and it is my responsibility to make this journey an enjoyable one for my clients.



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