4 Tips To A Perfect Pantry

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By Lana Bingham

During the holidays, it can be tough to keep your kitchen organized. An extensive holiday menu can transform even the most functionally designed space into a cluttered catastrophe, making cooking seem like a nightmare. Jars of spices, clusters of cranberries and cans of pumpkin puree quickly cover countertops. Not to mention you have to stuff a giant bird in your fridge, leaving little room for anything else. When it gets down to cooking crunch time, with only 6 hours left to prep, stuff and roast, a well-designed and organized pantry is going to be your best friend. Follow these 4 tips to achieve pantry perfection.

1. Care About Convenience. Being able to easily access your baking ingredients is valuable for saving time and energy. Nobody wants to sacrifice precious seconds searching for garlic cloves, while in the process of prepping and cooking a multi-course meal. For kitchens with sufficient space, home builders in Tampa can incorporate a walk-in pantry, with narrow built-in shelving and deep roll-out drawers. A pull-out pantry is another option to enhance organization. Tampa new home builders suggest placing this next to a high traffic area in the kitchen, such as beside the stove. This small storage spot can be filled with spices, herbs, and frequently used ingredients.

2. Don’t Forget Function. Pantry hardware can do just about anything these days, with products that slide, move, rotate and spin. A simple Lazy Susan can come in handy for storing all your small, hard to find items. It will also be helpful to utilize racks on the inside of your pantry door for additional storage space. Place baskets on shelves for holding breads, fruits and veggies. Another tip, don’t be a bag lady! Rather than stuffing grocery bags in random cupboards or nooks and crannies, invest in a wall-mounted Simple Human Plastic Bag Holder.

3. Be Open-Minded About Organization. With food packages coming in all different materials, shapes and sizes, it is easy to turn a well-designed pantry into a total mess. Investing in a set of glass jars will display your foods and also create a more uniform look. Grouping common foods and ingredients together is another tool. Stack all canned goods next to each other, group pastas and grains, and cluster condiments and sauces together. Organizing by height will also help to give you a clear view of all items in your pantry.

4. You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Style. Take it from a Tampa custom home builder, this small storage space has a lot of design potential. From creative color schemes to decorative wallpaper to light fixtures, your pantry can boost both storage and style in your home. Some kitchens prefer to have everything out in the open by displaying items neatly on shelves, while others look best concealed inside built-in cabinets. Either way, a custom pantry adds great character to any kitchen.

Pantries have a bad rep as small hidden storage spaces that are cramped with clutter and expired goods. However, creating and maintaining an organized pantry will not only improve your cooking experience but will also produce a more beautiful and functional kitchen. To learn more about kitchen design for your custom home, contact us.

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