Tampa Bay Turn Around Started?

Real Estate Agent with McBride Kelly and Associates

The last three months on the Tampa Bay real estate market has seen a continuing trend that everyone has been hoping for in real estate values. Well almost everybody... The last three months of sales statistics in the Tampa Bay market has shown strong signs of improvement. The downward trend of inventaory and the increase in accpeted listing price has given home buyers in this area more frustration than they can handle. Now is the time to be aggressive with purchases. If you are interested in purchasing any property from single family residences to townhomes and condos be aware that "good" inventory only stays on the market for less than a week now. I have had the unfortunate "luck" to lose out on over listing price offers 3 out of the last 4 times in the last two weeks! In every case I have had to educate the buyers with the changes that are effecting the real estate market in Tampa. He who hesitates is lost in the Tampa Bay market these days. That goes for clients and Realtors! 



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