Spring Grove Home Has a Close Call.

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While doing some work this week in a home in Spring Grove I had a real scare. The homes chimney was on fire! Thank Goodness the homeowners where there as well as others.

It seems due to cold we have been experiencing here in Pa they decided to use the wood-stove. something they have done for many years.They had it filled and burning for days. But on this morning something went wrong.

We started smelling smoke and The owner went to check it out. Sure enough he had nice fire going alright. Problem was it was in the chimney. There was pure panic in his eyes I will never forget the look. he ran through the home checking this and that and calling 911.

now let me say that a good 15 or so minutes passed from the time the call was made until the Trucks arrived. Lucky that some one was there to help control the fire. My heart goes out to all the voninteers that showed up and managed to put the fire out and make sure all was well with the home.They impressed me with there knowledge and skill.

My point to this story after all was over it came to light that the chimmey had cracks in it and the cracks had filled with the stickey sap from the wood causing the fire.

Please we are in a cold climate and i know 100's of family's that have wood-stoves and use them regular.OK with me. But I pray that you protect you and your family and all your stuff by inspecting the chimney every year. Not just having it cleaned but physically inspected.

Had this one been inspected they would not have had to go through this experience. It was scary and when it was  over everyone just knew how close they where to losing it all. If they had not been home at the time the home would have been a loss.


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