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I asked a question about AR & AuthorRank. What Happened Next was Shocking

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I know I've neglected my ActiveRain blog but if you have a chance to read Melissa's post, please do so. Content is King and Google+ is his Queen =)

Original content by Melissa Marro

I asked a question about AR and AuthorRank. What Happened Next was Shocking... 

Jumping feet first into the Google Plus pool, I've been trying to learn everything I can about the subject. Google Plus is more than a social media platform, it is SEO. Frankly, I've been over Twitter and Facebook for a while, but maintain a presence there because my business needed it, well, or at least that has been my premise. I joined Google Plus eons ago and felt like it was a Ghost Town. Crickets chirping when I was there. Right... nothing to see here, move along. 

AuthorRank led me to back to Google Plus

Then this funny thing called AuthorRank moved in and suddenly all at the same time I heard people talking about how to get their pretty face on Google. I was actually two days away from meeting with someone who said he could do it for me, when I found Michael George telling me how to do it. Ok, so it took about 2 weeks for my face to appear on Google SERPs but now I've got it, not only with my AR blog, but my outside blog, and every other blog that I own. Woo hoo!
I was feeling really good, until I ran across Mike Arnesen's post in SEOmoz, How to Prepare for AuthorRank and Get the Jump on Google
seo moz mike arsnesen
I am pretty confident that I finished the rest of the article in a panic after I read these words... 
"Here are a few things that are certain to destroy your AuthorRank as badly as Penguin destroyed sites with questionable backlink profiles:
  • Publishing content on blog networks."
Uh, what? Panic attack big time!!
Off to Google Plus I go to start asking some questions... hopefully someone will have the answer for me. 

authorship and activerain
What I didn't expect was WHO would have the answer for me.... 

mike arnesen google authorship
But my excitement doesn't stop there. You may notice that the screen shot above is actually not a screen shot from Google Plus. Rather this is a screen shot from Mike Arnesen's presentation on Google Plus AuthorRank that happened last night.
Since part of the point of AuthorRank is Google determining how important you are in the eyes of others, networking and interacting with thought leaders is an important part of the equation. Needless to say that I'm excited to have possibly earned a little more credit in the eyes of Google by having Mike connect with me, and interact socially on real estate and SEO. 

Why I'm with Eric Proulx on the virtues of Google Plus

While I'm on that subject, I would like to back up Eric Proulx, who consistently extols the virtues of Google Plus. Unlike Facebook, on Google Plus, you can share your circles with people, so you can let others know who you think may be important to follow, or integrate into your business. The number of people who have circled me went from about 50 to nearly 900 in only about three weeks thanks to circle shares. The vast majority of people who I'm following and are following me are people who have similar interests, affiliates of the real estate industry (Realtors, Home Stagers, Flooring Experts, Mortgage Brokers, etc), SEO, and scifi (one of my favorite hobbies). 
While I have a lot of followers on my personal Facebook page, most of the interaction has been likes and the occassional conversation. On Google Plus, I've actively been learning things that will improve my business, my blogging, and SEO, as well as making new friends. 
If you are ready to make the leap to Google Plus, be sure to circle me, but make sure you do a few things first
Thank you for reading... I asked a question about AR and AuthorRank. What Happened Next was Shocking...


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Thank you for reblogging and sharing this on G+ .... oh, and for letting Bob know about this pushing for a gold star =)

Nov 15, 2012 12:25 AM