Germs & Grime Beware! It’s Clean Your Refrigerator Day

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By Lana Bingham

Sticky spills, funky odors, and outdated foods better get ready! November 15th is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day! So, grab a pair of gloves, clear your calendar for the day and be prepared to find some suspicious looking foods buried deep inside your fridge.

When In Doubt, Throw It Out: First things first, it’s time to toss those malodorous meatball leftovers and crusty condiments. Remove every single item from your fridge and check all expiration dates. If it seems questionable, hop online and visit to determine the product’s shelf-life. Your fridge is going to be stocked full for the next 2 months, so you may need to toss that ketchup bottle with only 4 squirts remaining, or that jar that has only 2 shriveled pickles floating in it.

Banish Bacteria: Once you have removed all items from your fridge, take out the shelves and drawers, so that you may clean them thoroughly in the sink or bathtub. For a safe, homemade cleaner that also blocks odors, mix baking soda and warm water. Be sure to scrub the entire inside of the fridge, including hidden crevices and door seals. Also wipe down every item that you plan on putting back in your fridge. Pay attention to sticky residue hiding on the bottom of jars, and gunk clogging the inside of condiment caps.

Continue Cleanliness: Now that you have a sparkling and sanitary fridge, make sure to keep it that way! Wipe up spills and leaks immediately and keep an eye on products with a short shelf life, such as dairy and produce. Be sure to place all Thanksgiving and Christmas leftovers in air tight containers. If you have a hard time keeping your fridge spick-and-span, you may way to switch to see-through doors. Glass doors keep fridge contents on display, which will certainly motivate you to keep things clean and orderly.

Fresh Ideas For Refrigeration: New cooling and food preservation products are making homeowner’s lives easier by offering refrigerators that help keep food fresher, longer. Temperature control drawers allow you to preserve your fruits and veggies at a different level than other items in your fridge. Sub Zero’s new line of integrated refrigeration really sets the standard with separate cooling systems for fridge and freezer, touch controls, auto-door close, and an air purification system.

The Future Of Fridge Technology: Your smart fridge or smartphone (try the FridgePal App) can now check expiration dates, generate shopping lists, and create recipes for dinner based on your fridge’s inventory. Samsung’s new touch-screen app controls give you updates on the weather, allow you to surf the web, share photos, and connect to social media networks. Trying to watch your weight? LG’s new ThinQ Smart Refrigerator will actually use voice activation to identify you and then make food selections for you based on your BMI and weight loss goals. Keep an eye out for the Virtual Fridge Lock, which alerts your social media networks if you try and rummage through your fridge for a midnight snack. Talk about extreme (and extremely unrealistic) dieting techniques!

One of the many benefits of building a custom home is to be able to work with home builders Tampa to design an easy-clean kitchen. By creating a functional layout, Tampa new home builders may be able to lighten the work load a little, but cleaning and maintaining your fridge is also a big part of caring for your kitchen. To learn more about kitchen functionality and building a custom home, contact us.

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