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First Time Home Buyers

 A common question I get around this time of year...

"Sarah, I just received my tax statement from the assessors office. It came in the mail and it states that I owe XXX dollars to the county- I thought I had paid my property taxes out of my mortgage payment every month?."

I ask them if they won the lottery and paid off their mortgage. Clearly, the answer is almost always "No Sarah" followed by a chuckle.  

I love this question. One it tells me that when speaking to first time home buyers as their consultant I need to be educating them constantly throughout the process and the second reason why I love this question is that it is just another way for me to have the opportunity to chat with my clients, ask for referrals and develop lasting professional relationship with people that I truly care about.

Currently, I have a letter that I send out for my clients prior to their tax preparation with a copy of their HUD from closing. So they are totally prepared when filing their taxes for the year. I think with this it would be advantageous if I made a little comment about looking out for their tax statement and calling me direct with any questions. That way they don't have to feel as if they are asking a silly question. I remind my clients to be fully prepared when filing their taxes, what to expect from the mortgage company, if they qualify for a mortgage insurance premium write off, etc.

Usually, by the end of the conversation they are happy to know that they will actually be receiving money from Uncle Sam sometime soon. Something they never expected up until they owned their first home! This brings me true happiness. 

I want my clients to feel confident about asking insightful questions. As their REALTOR I expect that they will always come to me with any of their real estate needs. Sometimes I am over joyed with gratitude because of my clients trust in me.

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Sarah Solomon

Douglas County Real Estate  

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Chuck Willman
Utah Homes - Alpine, UT
Utah Homes
Excellent Sarah... I love working with first time home buyers... they get to find lots of great surprises like this.
Jan 24, 2008 04:31 PM