How to Become Mortgage Ready-Part 6: Check Your Emotions

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First Time Home Buyers in Orange County Calif are finding that the number of available homes for sale has shrunk to the point where making an offer and getting it accepted is a competition.  As in any competition, the strongest competitor will almost always win.  In the case of purchasing a home,you become a strong contender by making sure that your financing is in place before you make that offer.


There are significant steps involved in becoming mortgage ready and part of this is preparing for the inevitable emotional ups and downs along the way.  So before you get started, be sure to…


Prepare for the Emotional Ups and Downs


This should probably have been the first piece of advice written in this series.  When you purchase your first home, be prepared for the emotions that will be part of the experience.


Excitement!  Anxiety!  Stress!  Excitement!  Disbelief!  And so on…

Even when you are fully prepared, buying a home can be a roller coaster ride of emotions up until Roller Coaster Ride
the day you are finally handed the keys and make your first visit as homeowners.


For example, the day I finally received the keys to my home, my son and I opened the front door, walked in and I simply sat down on the living room floor and cried.  I experienced a wave of emotions including...


  • Disbelief – “I can’t believe this is actually mine!”
  • Relief - “the purchasing part is over with and the loan is in the books.”
  • Fear - “what if I can’t make the mortgage payment?”


…and a host of other feelings that hit all at once.


When you start arranging your financing, the very first step in the home buying process, there will be moments of…


  • Frustration…”why do you need that documentation?” and “how come you can’t use all of my income?”
  • Anxiety…”why can’t you guarantee my interest rate?”
  • Excitement…”yes, we’re approved for a loan – let’s go shopping!”


Be sure you work with a loan officer that not only knows their stuff, but also genuinely cares about helping you meet your goal…trust your instincts and don’t work with anyone who makes you feel less than comfortable with this process.


Also when getting ready to purchase a home…


When you go shopping for your home, be sure to use a Real Estate Agent, preferably someone who specializes in representing Buyers.  Many people mistakenly believe that using a Real Estate Agent to represent them in the buying process will cost them more money.  In reality, a good Real Estate Agent who represents only YOUR interests will actually save you money...they know the market far better then you do and will be able to help you negotiate your very best deal.


First Time Home BuyersBuying a home is a big decision and loaded with emotion…it is the place where you will create warm memories, perhaps begin a family and start building a base of equity and financial security.  To get started on the right path, use the professional mortgage and real estate help available to you.  You will benefit from the expertise of those professionals who spend their days specializing in the work they love to do on your behalf.


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John Pusa
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Linda - It is important to prepare and get ready for mortgage emotionally. Thanks for the information.

Nov 17, 2012 01:31 AM