Home Inspectors are our friends!

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I just commented on a fellow poster who is a Home Inspector and I thought I'd expound a little--I LOVE Home Inspectors!  

I hear other real estate agents saying how they hate Inspectors but I know there must be fellow real estate agents out there who like them too, right? 

When representing buyers, I want the buyer to hire the pickiest Inspector he can get--he's paying for it.  Even on new construction, we always recommend an objective report by a licensed Home Inspector to uncover any hidden structural or mechanical defects, which, in our market, are items that if the buyer requests be repaired, the seller must either comply or remediate in monetary form, or the buyer may terminate with release/return of his earnest deposit.

This does not apply to code issues or cosmetic issues.

The seller always has this choice and he knows up front he is not required to do anything, but doing nothing might kill the deal AND subsequently anything discovered then becomes a material fact. 

So when representing sellers, I tell them FIX THE IMPORTANT STUFF to sell the property to his under-contract buyer who has money on the table to close, who actually wants to buy the property at the price you both agreed upon (getting rare these days, huh?)...or risk paying one way or the other later.

Better yet, sellers would do well themselves to hire a licensed Home Inspector prior to listing and marketing the property to discover these sames issues early, fix them ahead of time, be proud of the fact and not be surprised later. 

It is well worth the several hundred dollars it costs to have a licesned professional check out the property either way--before or during the sale. 

See--Home Inspectors ARE our friends! 

Outer Banks area Home Inspectors

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