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I was cruzing around Active Rains google and came across this awesome and informative post that I thought this was a must read for our tight community of Active Rain Real Estate Professionals.

Original content by Mona Gersky NC# 218097

There are so many skills to be learned from information shared on ActiveRain that someone would be a fool not to take advantage of it. Since none of us only want to take advantage of situations without taking the opportunity to pay back into the system…I’m channeling Craig Daniels and attempting a lesson in Ribbet Collages! There is no describing the pleasure I get through the entire process of photos…from the moment my eye sees it to the snapping of the photo to the editing to the publishing, I love it all and want to share some of what I’ve learned.


Autumn at the Farm copyright 2012 Mona Gersky




shortcut to ribbet

Keep a shortcut on your desktop to go quickly to the Ribbet photo editing website.






ribbet landing page


This will take you to the Ribbet landing page where you can start editing with or without an account.





ribbet signup

Currently accounts are free and there are too many benefits not to take advantage of it so I'd suggest signing up.







ribbet upload



After you’ve signed in, select “Upload Photos”.








ribbet upload


Browse your computer, your camera, etc to select up to six photos at a time.






ribbet uploaded images


Once your photos have finished uploading, you may select one to begin editing.








ribbet edit pageAfter your photo is selected you’ll find yourself on the Edit Page with all the fabulous tools Ribbet has to offer…play with them, this site is so user friendly that you will feel like an expert in no time. When you’ve finished editing, save your work to someplace handy to retrieve it for the collages.




ribbet collage

Go back to the Home Page and select “Make a Collage” and the Collage page will open.




build a collage


Once you are on the page to build a Collage, you can select your layout to match the number of photos you want included in your collage. Go to photo basket to select where to get your photos. If I’m going to collage ones that I just edited, I simply pull up “History”.






personalize the collageAfter you’ve “dragged” your photos into the template you’ll have an opportunity to personalize the collage by changing the outline color, adjusting the size of the template or change the template all together.




done so far


When you are satisfied with your masterpiece thus far, click on “Done” because you are ready for the next step.






edit in ribbetribbet frames


Now, it’s time to Edit your collage and put the finishing touches on it. You don’t have to do further editing, your collage could be saved just as it is, but if you want to watermark or frame it…this is your chance. You are almost ready to publish it.

ribbet watermark







save your work


Once you’ve finished your editing, it’s time to “save and share” your work. See? Wasn’t this easy?







My collection of the three photos above was inspired when I showed the farmhouse just outside of Dillsboro the other day. It still remains one of my favorite places.


I hope you’ll take these instructions and create on your own…email me if you have questions and please have fun!

http://ribbet.com should become your best friend ;-D

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MoonDancer Realty Team Photo Collage copyright 2012 Mona Gersky




Tree Dude Border 1 copyright 2012 Mona Gersky

Tree Dude Border 2 copyright 2012 Mona Gersky


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Elite Home Sales Team
Elite Home Sales Team OC - Corona del Mar, CA
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Thank you for the info.  This is important to our success.

Nov 18, 2012 12:03 AM
Mona Gersky
MoonDancer Realty, Dillsboro,NC - Sylva, NC
GRI,IMSD-Taking the mystery out of real estate.

Hi Paul, thanks for the reblog!  Ribbet is incredibly user friendly.

Nov 18, 2012 07:41 AM