Understanding Value in Atlanta's Buyer Market

Real Estate Agent with The Anderson Group, Keller Williams

It is a common misconception in real estate that money is made on the sale of a transaction. The value in owning real estate as an investment, beyond is intrinsic value to the property owner or tenants, is most often realized during the acquisition, or "buy side" of the transaction. Whether you are an investor or a homeowner, the best way to ensure your property increases in value is to purchase the property for the right price.

In Atlanta's current real estate market, this means a potential buyer needs to do their due diligence to determine current property values in the immediate and surrounding area of the potential property. Unlike the stock market, the real estate market is inefficient because detailed information regarding property values is not readily available. This, however, is also the reason why buyer's of real estate are able to "play the market" and acquire properties at a discount compared with comparable properties.  

Understanding property value as a function of the current market and location is a fundamental component to purchasing property at the right price. If you would like more information about how The Anderson Group can help you find the right property at the right price, please click here.

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