Selling city homes doesn't stop DUCK attacks!

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A little story, I live in the country and sell many homes in the country.  While working in the country I have come across cows, roosters, pigs, llamas, alpacas, bulls, deer and many more creatures.  I love the love country and all it has to offer but sometimes it is nice to go to the city to sell because I don't have to have pockets full of treats in case I come head to head with one of the animals.  Well, as the story goes while going on a listing appointment, in the city, I am heading to the back yard and as I go out the seller says to be careful of the duck.  I thought duck, really, in the city, well ok.  So I head out to back yard on this beautiful sunny day and there it is the DUCK coming right towards me, this duck is looking at me square into my eyes.  The duck picks up his pace, and he is headed straight for ME and now I am starting to get worried, my heart is beating faster!!!  I am thinking calm yourself it is only a duck!!!  Now the duck is inches from me and I am doing my best to be calm as the duck grabs my pant leg, he starts shaking my pant leg with a vengeance!!!  I wonder will I ever get out of this situation, I begin to sweat!  I attempt to shake my leg to free myself from the duck, off goes my shoes flying across the backyard.  Now I am running back towards the house with only one shoe on and the duck hanging from my pant leg.  Finally I make it to the back porch and now I am starting to squeal which fortunately gets the sellers attention.  The seller scolds the duck and off goes the duck running back to the yard where he came from.  I plead with the seller to please go get my shoe, my Coach shoe at that!! The seller comes back with my shoe and we head back into the home to complete the listing.  The moral of this story is just because you sell in the city it doesn't stop duck attacks!!!

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Bob Ratliff
Robert Ratliff Realty - San Antonio, TX
"Sold with Bob"

Cynthia, Wow! thank you for the exciting story, I was quacked-up and loved the way you narrated it being a country boy myself. I guess those city ducks have to mean? At least you got the listing, how was it selling this home with an attack duck?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Bob

Nov 19, 2012 04:16 AM
Cynthia Grimes
eXp Realty, LLC - Westminster, MD
"With You Every Step Home!"

Hi Bob,

This story happened a few years ago and today when I saw a duck it made me think of the story and I decided to blog it.  My Mom always says I should write a book about my experiences, Lol!  I never heard anything about the duck being an issue for the showings and fortunately this homes sold very quickly as it was in a sought after community. 

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day too!!


Nov 19, 2012 04:26 AM
Team Honeycutt
Allen Tate - Concord, NC

I love your duck story. I can imagine you with a shoe flying and kicking and screaming. I know it isn't funny, BUT it is. I have never thought about avoiding a duck but I will now. 


Nov 19, 2012 04:51 AM
Cynthia Grimes
eXp Realty, LLC - Westminster, MD
"With You Every Step Home!"


     Looking back on the story it was funny!  You never know what will happen each and ever day as a Realtor!


Nov 19, 2012 05:11 AM
Patty Da Silva, Davie, Southwest Ranches Cooper City, Plantation, Weston, REALTOR
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We have ducks around our man made lakes down here, and you don't want to mess with them!

Nov 19, 2012 06:24 AM
Cynthia Grimes
eXp Realty, LLC - Westminster, MD
"With You Every Step Home!"


     I now know that ducks mean business!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov 19, 2012 10:43 AM