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I might just be saying this because I'm including in this list, but an EXCELLENT list of folks to follow on G+. Debbie is already a great influencer as well so make sure you're following her!

Original content by Debbie Gartner

Yes, it's time for the 2nd installment of GaGa for Google +.  In this weekly series, I (and other Active Rainers) are going to provide some weekly tips and a few people to follow on Google +


google +It's been great seeing the influx of Rainers to Google +  And, if you haven't joined yet, you should do it Today!   


Here's a link to last week's post with some intro tips.

Here's a link to yesterday's post with a simple tip on how to post visuals better

I have to say that I've been learning a lot more of SEO and gotten some wonderful tips from reading articles shared on there as well as the strong knit AR group there.  We are all helping each other learn this platform and improve our SEO.  It's been highly productive and fun at the same time.


This week's tips:


1. Vary your content.  Definitely include some of your real estate or business posts, but it's also much better if you can vary your content so that your followers stay interested.  If they like your content, they will follow, give it a plus, comment on it, and maybe even share it.  The more interesting it is, the better. Listings are not very interesting...and just posting just about your industry gets boring.  So spice it up.  Post some fun (or funny photos). Share someone else's fun content.  Post some social media articles or articles about how to use Google + better.  Post some fun articles you see on here or elsewhere on the web.  Mix it up.


2. Ask some questions.  As I've mentioned before, engagement is key.  Getting more comments on your postst is a good thing.  Sometimes, just asking a question is a good way to start a conversation.  So, ask a thought provoking question that you think others will have an opinion on or you need advice on.  That question could even be about how to use Google + better.


3.  Add hashtags for better search results.  Hashtags (using the # sign) help the search engines find your content and enable users to find all posts on that topic.  So you use #realestate or #westchester if you were writing about real estate in Westchester.  I think it's best to use 2-3 and not to clutter things up.  Sometimes, using one or two hashtags within your text works; sometimes it works better to have them at the end of your post.  Do whatever you think will make it easier for someone to read.  


4.  Post to public.  I know I mentioned this last time, but it's so important so I'm going to mention it again.  If you post it to public everyone can see it and Google will index it.  If you only post it to your circles, google will not index it.  Only post to your circles or a few people if you really want something to be private.


Who to follow:

Each week, I'm going to highlight a few Active Rainers.  While my focus on here will be to connect you w/ some great Active Rainers in a new setting, I'm also going to try to expose you to some others that are "doing things right."

And, for others using Google +, please feel free to reblog this and/or create your own version, as well as leave a link to your profile in the comments.

  • Anita ClarkAnita Clark - Anita was one of my faves before I even got to Google +.  She is having a phenomenal year in real estate, in part because she really knows how to do community posts and leverage the SEO.  She is one smart cookie.  But, she is much more than that...she is so supportive and comments and provides great advice.  She shares some wonderful articles on social media and has a great balance of posts (like what I mentioned above).  She is a good role model to follow.

  • Rich CederbergRich Cederberg I originally met Rich on Active Rain a couple of years ago...and then we reconnected on Google Plus.  Somehow, a few of us crossed paths again abnd interacted, and now he is back here on Active Rain again...funny how these things work.  Anyway, Rich has been wonderful in asking some great questions that have rallied the troops so collectively we can discover and answer some of our burning Google + questions.  He is definitely a good person to know, and you should check out his real estate videos.  He has a great section in his profile.

  • Lori Cain on google +Lori Cain - I've known Lori for a while on Active Rain.  She is one of my early subscribers and really helped me on here as she reblogged a lot of my posts so that others here learned that I even existed.  I finally got to speak to her on the phone a few weeks ago, and in the process, she was asking me about Google + and why it mattered.  Well sure enough, within a couple of days she flung herself head first into Google + and she has done AMAZING in such a short time period.  It's very impressive especially since she was skeptical coming in.

  • eric proulxEric Proulx - Even though Eric has been on Active Rain, I really didn't "meet" him until Google Plus.  He has done a couple of great videos...actually google hang outs, so you take a look at those.  Eric is quite a a good way.  His expressions and phrases are so cute..they make me laugh.  He is also a good role model to watch for someone who posts in a variety of categories.  I'm looking forward to his next hangout so he can share more tips.

  • Ronnie BincerRonnie Bincer Ronnie is an expert on video content marketing.  He recently surpassed the 10,000 follower mark which is quite impressive...and yet, he still finds the time to respond to my comments and jump onto the posts that I share.  He wrote a wonderful piece on Google Plus etiquette.. a MUST READ.  He also has some great info on how to connect all of your google profiles (e.g. youtube, biz page, google +).  He has provided many great articles and videos on how to better use Google follow him and READ him.  He gives great advice.

I hope you'll join Google + (and feel free to follow me Debbie Gartner).  If I had to prioritize all the social media out there, I would put Google + first.  It's the only one that simultaneously improves your SEO and google authorship.  I highly recommend it.

For anyone who is using Google Plus, feel free to add your Google + URL below in the comments.

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Thanks for the repost.  I missesd the original post, although I generally check out everything Debbie posts.  I will havbe to check out her blog post on this topic.

Nov 20, 2012 12:07 AM
John & Irma Nelson
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thanks for the post - as we all start to use Google Plus for our business it is handy to have a cheat sheet on how best to use the tools..

Nov 20, 2012 12:07 AM
Debbie Gartner
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Thank you so much for reblogging and for your kind words.  I really appreciate that.

Nov 20, 2012 12:20 AM
Li Read
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I missed this savvy info first time around...thanks for the reblog.

Nov 20, 2012 12:58 AM