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Laguna Niguel Seller's Market

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Laguna Niguel Seller's Market / Timing the market

If you own a home in Laguna Niguel and have been busy this fall you may not realize that it is a SELLER'S MARKET. In Laguna Niguel and Orange County CA it is a seller's market once again. Entry level homes are selling no matter what the condition. Homes up to a million are selling quickly as well if they are in good condition and priced right. Search Homes in Laguna Niguel.

Why is it a seller's market in Laguna Niguel? Because of supply and demand. The demand for homes is up because many home buyers are wanting to take advantage of the low interest rates. Sellers are waiting for prices to go up more before listing. Sellers who are severely upside down are waiting for the banks to forgive debt and restructure loan balances.

Have you ever seen this graph? (Provided by Keller Williams Realty).

Timing the bottom, Seller's market

See all the little stick figures to the right of the bottom? This is the market on steroids. This is where the market is right now. In 2011 investors were buying property, because the price to rental ratios made since, but the general public was still fearful. Today investors are still buying. Ever since about February when the national talking heads came out with announcements about the bottom of the market, buyers have become desperate to buy.

Good home values are still out there but the best homes will now be in multiple offers. If you thinking of selling a home in Laguna Niguel or Orange County California then now is the time. Even now during the Holidays the buyers are out looking and they are serious.

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