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Real Estate storm - Be ready in Dallas

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I have been tracking the national markets and most of them are being pounded by the real estate storm. Prices and values are dropping as the storm continues. The storms seem to be everywhere except Texas.

Don't get too excited just yet though. I am seeing a small dip in values around the DFW area. I think it is mostly due to the massive foreclosure postings locally. The banks are taking a beating because of it and the REO market is assisting with the dip in values.

I see the market in DFW going up into the low double digits by summer. DFW didn't experience the triple digit appreciation as most of the country did and now we are sitting in a great spot because of it.

"Buy low, Sell high" is the saying. Locally I think we can cash in on the fallout of the national real estate storm by "Buying low and Selling higher."

Get in position! Good luck!

Danny Smith
I think your absolutely right! Even if we did have a bust it is not going to affect the market in Texas like it did other parts of the country because we didn't le the market get out of control to start with. The Quality of living here is fantastic!
Jan 24, 2007 07:43 PM