Do you use a buyer presentation?

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No matter how long you've been in real estate it's so tempting when you have a new buyer to skip the buyer presentation just hop in the car and GO! Who want's to talk about financing, contracts, and home sale contingencies? All that is the dull part, and after all the client just wants to go house hunting. 

I can hear the grinding of teeth coming from all the agents who know what a huge mistake this is but lets face it, it happens everyday. 

A buyer presentation is nothing new but still many agents still haven’t taken the time to put one together. We’ll I’ve got one ready to go for you, it’s power point, fully customizable and completely free. you can check it out by clicking HERE or you can download it automaticly by clicking HERE.

Let’s be better agents together, if you like this buyer presentation share it with a peer.

Buyer Presentation


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