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Houghs Neck is a sea side community, and peninsular within the City of Quincy.

Houghs Neck was originally a cottage community and was the old Cape before the highway (route 3) was built to take us to what we now know as Cape Cod. People came from all over to summer in Houghs Neck.

The area used to be lined with boat rental yards because of the excellent fishing in the area. In fact, Houghs Neck at one time was known as the Flounder Fishing capital of the world. I recall going fishing with my dad as a child. We would rent a boat at Harvey's Boat Yard and within 3 hours have 2 five gallon buckets full of flounder. As the harbor became polluted, the flounder, which are bottom feeding fish, began to die off. Now that the harbor is being cleaned up, the flounder population is starting to return.

Today, Houghs Neck is a year round commuity. Many of the old cottages were winterized, and many more have been torn down over the years and replaced with newer homes.

Houghs Neck is a great family community with several beaches and is kind of off the beaten path from the rest of the city. The residents of the area are referred to as Necker's and have much pride in their community.

View of Boston from Manet Ave

View of The Boston Skyline taken from Manet Ave. in Houghs Neck

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