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November DocuSign Challenge Entry

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November DocuSign Challenge Entry

Several months ago, my wife and I made the decision to start using DocuSign in our business.  I can't tell you how many times we've since asked ourselves, "Why didn't we change over sooner?!".  Not only has it probably already paid for itself because of all the ink and paper we've saved, but it is so much more convenient to use.  We've had several clients tell us that they love it because they don't have to print, sign, and scan documents back to us any longer.  Grainy, hard to read documents?  They're a thing of the past.  If you're not using it yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  That's said with sincerity, not because I'm trying to win a contest :)

Unfortunately, several months ago, my wife received a call from our credit card company.  They wanted to know if we were travelling in Spain or if we had purchased anything in Spain online that morning.  She hesitantly told that that, no, we weren't on vacation and hadn't been doing any shopping online.  With a sinking feeling, we asked "Why?".  We were told that someone had gone on a grand spending spree in Spain with one of our credit cards.  Yikes!  Though we're still not sure how the number got into the hands of the person in Spain, our credit card company quickly picked up on the purchases and froze the account before any major financial damage was done.

This is where DocuSign fits in to the story.

Over the next several weeks, our credit card company sent us several packages with multiple documents for us to sign.  We had to promise that we hadn't made the purchases, didn't know who made the purchases, etc.  Several times.  We then had to fold the papers that we had signed, put them in envelope, lick a stamp, and put them in the mail box for the postman to pick up the next day.  Doing this wasn't a hardship but, in hindsight, I now ask myself, "Why couldn't this be done electronically?".   If our credit card company used DocuSign, days of transit time would have been saved, as well as the time it took to print the letter, send it, receive it, sign it, and then mail it back.  While I'm thankful that we didn't have to pay for the errant purchases, the process of resolving similar situations could be improved if the credit card company started to use DocuSign.

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