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West Quincy is bordered on one side by Braintree, and the other by Milton.

Quarrying began in West Quincy back in the 1800's. Many of Quincy's older homes have granite block foundations that actually came from the Quincy Quarries. Many imigrants came to the area to work at the quarries from Germany, Italy, Ireland, Finland, etc. and stayed in the community making it home. Finnish Steam Baths used to line Copeland Street, but today only one remains. Check out Finland Steams Baths Here.

After the Quarrying ended, the Quarries remained for many years, still full of water, and became popular, yet dangerous swimming holes. Many drownings occurred there over the years and the City finally started to fill them in. Today, the Quarries are popular with rock climbers.

The first commercial railroad in the United States began in West Quincy. The railroad was used to carry the granite from Quincy to Charlestown during the construction of the Bunker Hill Monument.

The First Railroad   The First Railroad

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                                                                                            Blue Hills Sign

The Blue Hills Reservation is also located in West Quincy, and goes through Randolph, Milton and Canton as well. The reservations consists of acres and acres of land in its natural habitat. It is owned by the Metropolitan District Commission. The Blue Hills is very popular with hikers, and more recently with mountain bike riders. There are hundreds of trails through the woods and some small ponds. Horse back riding is also popular in the Blue Hills, although most of the area stables have since disappeared. A great spot for nature lovers.


Granite Memorial

The Granite Workers Memorial at Shea Park in West Quincy



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