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2113 Rim Rock, Keller, TX 76248It happens. I get a traditional buyer and years later they go to resale on their own without me - FSBO. Or I help them purchase an investment and they want to flip and resale it on their own or rent it on their own. It happens. They are all after the same thing... they learned real estate from the best (ha ha) and they want to save a buck. I get it.

It's all good. There is more than enough business for me and the mouse in my pocket. But sometimes I can't help myself! They are good people! Good clients. Best friends! I had a nice steak dinner and a fine wine after their deal or on their patio and I just can't stop myself... I still want to give them one more thank you vs. get all upset over them wanting to do my job, since it's so easy, right? Wink. Teasing. The reality is they can do it on their own, perfectly capable, but I want to help anyhow, so here it is:

Nancy is my best friend. She has a house on Rim Rock in Keller for lease listed with a sign in the yard, in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, on Craigslist (I know, BFF beware, right?!) and she has it posted on Zillow or something else I guess might work, but I want her to lease it before Christmas and so here is my plug for my Nancy: Please only call her if you are super cool and pay your bills on time and can easily afford $1600 a month rent!

Call: (817) 875-4985   2113 Rim Rock, Keller, TX 76248 Keller ISD $1600/deposit and $1600/mo. rent. This brick home is a very good-looking 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom 2 car garage home with all living space down, all 4 bedrooms up, granite countertops in kitchen, new carpet throughout, new interior paint throughout, outside has a partly covered, partly open patio, healthy grass, trees, landscaping front and back and a new fence! The back is shaded by the home in the afternoon (east back yard) and it is located off Bursey Road in S. Keller, Keller ISD. When you call Nancy, tell her KRISTEN said to! It won't get me anymore good wine, as she gives me all I want, but it will get me a good old-fashioned good time celebration with my 15+ year Bestie.7508 Point Reyes, Fort Worth, TX 76137

Here is another one. This is actually an agent in my firm who is newly property managing, too. He has a great home for lease for $1400 a month, $1400 deposit, in Keller ISD area at 7508 Point Reyes, Fort Worth, TX 76137, Park Glen. Justin Mason is the agent handling the lease and he can be reached at (817) 600-1954. This home is also a 2-level home with great living space downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. It's a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 2 car garage home in Park Glen with a great yard front and back. It's conveniently located.

You know what? Both these homes happen to be a street over from a Neighborhood WalMart. Hmm. What are the odds of that? Anyway, they are also both vacant and move-in ready with fresh paint and a great landlord situation who will actually answer their phone. Now that I said that, they better answer the calls! If they don't, just call me. Ha!

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Shoot we have doctors and lawyers asking to cut the commission among other things they might want. Our broker doesn't allow us to give free advice or reduce our commissions nor with he let us list a house after they tried to go FSBO even if they were giving it away.

He is straight up about with the client as well. We have too much business to play games

Nov 26, 2012 12:51 PM
Short Sales, Foreclosure & Bank Owned Real Estate

Kristen, very well said, I love the way you explain when we have a costumers and they go on their own without us...Thanks for sharing with us!!

Nov 26, 2012 01:32 PM
Kristen Correa, Broker
Kristen Correa Real Estate & Reedy Creek Realty Services - Keller, TX
I love coffee & real estate. I am out of coffee!

Joyce, cutting commission a whole other blog post :) why won't he let you list a house after they tried FSBO? Almost all FSBOs go Broker before SOLD! I'm curious about his reasons on that one, but I also well realize every market is different and every brokerage viewpoint comes from valuable experience!

Nov 26, 2012 09:46 PM
Kristen Correa, Broker
Kristen Correa Real Estate & Reedy Creek Realty Services - Keller, TX
I love coffee & real estate. I am out of coffee!

Emilia, many MANY times a person doesn't call me, then they do! It's great to be nice, be a source, and then watch the boomerang effect... You just never know. I also have family who very successfully listed and sold on their own and because of their lifetime of experience with investing and jobs involving contracts, and their general wisdom, I knew they would be at very minimal risk on their own... it's ok to admit that. As I said, many consumers are quite capable, I am not the end all be all, but there is plenty of business for me to grab anyway and also hope the one's who don't call eventually will!

Nov 26, 2012 09:50 PM