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After almost 2 years of going back and forth with the Miami Dade zoning department, hearings, etc. I just don't get it!

To make a long story short, this is the situation,

An Office/ Retail building built in 2009, which passed all permits, impact fees, traffic, everything! seats standing on Miami Gardens artery. it soon will become a museum or something like that.

We have  been requested a variance to place ITT institute in the building contributing to the education within the community and of course taxes for the county. Staff of the county, which I think has excellent professionals recomended our petition. We have our first hearing with the community which denied to have an educational institution for traffic impact issues. What traffic impact issues? if the building was approved in 2008! now for semantics in the code we have to get a variance, but traffic impact issues must be out of this approval, it just does not make sense.

Our second try was in front of the Board of Commisioners today, and the blind minded, Commisioner Barbara Jordan for District 1 wanted to change the schedule of the classes to accommodate the traffic situation!! Again what traffic situation if this was already approved, if we fill the building with condo offices the traffic situation would be even worse, and we have approval for that. It just does not make sense!

I think  commissioners should received a crash course in zoning and approvals before they even qualify to run for office, this situation is just ridiculous and it is sad that this is happening in the USA, definitively this country is changing by gathering all the incapable people and putting them to run the counties and the cities.

One thing is for sure, my group of investors will not put one penny in Miami-Dade. It sur makes sense.




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