Selling your Evergreen Mountain home can be challenging

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Evergreen Homes for saleSo we’re getting ready to sell our mountain home in Evergreen Colorado. Selling our real estate is a difficult task, because we are all emotionally attached to our Evergreen Mountain homes. We need to let go all the emotions that we have tied to our homes, all these memories, all the wonderful things we lived in our Evergreen mountain homes, the things that we did to fix it up to our liking, the time, the effort, the love, the pain, the money and the memories. We have to let go of everything in order to successfully sell our home.

Let’s emphasis this! If we are attached, we will fail to get the most money for our house.  We all believe that our home is unique and the best in the neighborhood and we truly believe that everybody else needs to see it the way we do. Unfortunately the buyers do not think that way, they just compare the homes they like best within a certain price range and the one with the most value will win. Isn’t it true that the large amounts of money that we as owners have invested in our Evergreen mountain homes were really for our enjoyment and to our taste?  That taste might not appeal to others though. That is why we have to let go and be objective about the market place: how does my house objectively, not my home (emotions!), compare to the other houses for sale in my neighborhood? How can I get it into a condition where it appeals to more buyers?  That is when we need a professional to coach us, because the professional deals with this day in day out and they obviously have no attachments.

There are many components to getting our house ready for sale in order to get the most money.  One of the most important ones is the de-cluttering; that really is not involved with much cost other than time. Let’s have a garage sale and let’s get rid of everything we don’t want anymore and store the rest, let’s remove anything personal like family pictures etc. If the house needs paint, it is well worth investing the money to make it look new and fresh in neutral tones that appeal to more people, and make it easier for the buyer to see himself living in our house. Let’s repair everything that needs repair because it will otherwise give the buyer leverage during negotiation. 

Following these simple steps will make selling your Evergreen mountain home easier.

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Rob Lang
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Great tips for selling your Evergreen mountain home!

Nov 27, 2012 07:44 AM
Paula Bradfield
Bradfield Ramsey Group - Salida, CO
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nice job, Caroline! And, we love Don and Donna. We will take good care of them.

Nov 27, 2012 07:46 AM
Caroline Wagner Dedicated to the extraordinary
Liv Sotheby's International Realty - Evergreen, CO
the exceptional, the unique

Thanks guys for your support!

Nov 27, 2012 09:11 AM