Are your ready for Slotzilla Zipline at Fremont Street?

Home Inspector with Certified Structure Inspector IOS #1730, EA #30

The Vegas tradition of taking something and making it bigger, better or over the top has come to zip lines. The Fremont street zip line that started in late 2010 with a temporary 30 day permit will now get bigger and better.

In January the construction of a permanent 11 million and 120 foot tall zip line will begin. The riders will take off from a giant slot machine and fly over Fremont Street.

The world’s biggest slot machine is being called Slotzilla. Riders will leave from two different levels one with a powered launching system that will allow you to fly down Fremont.

As a home inspector I will be giving the structure a thorough look over before I decide to get on it that’s for sure. For a better look watch  the video.


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